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FPT (Fiat) Iveco 8361 SRM 38.10

- 380Hp @ 2400rpm 8361SRM381
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Product Description

Available rebuilt or second hand the 8361SRM38.10 is a proven performer. Reliability is paramount, and these engines have proven themselves time and time again. Featuring mechanical injection, turbocharged and intercooled this model engine offers an excellent power to weight ratio. If you are looking for a well priced second hand engine for either pleasure or commercial, the 8361 will do the job.

Key Features

- 380Hp @ 2400rpm
- 1390NM @ 1600rpm
- Inline 6 Cylinder
- 8.1L Displacement
- Weight: 760kg
- Mechanical Fuel Injection
- Turbocharged
- Intercooled
- Heat Exchanger Cooled
- 24V Electrics

Model Number 8361SRM38.10