Vessel Dhuforce, Conquest 57 previously powered by Volvo Penta TAMD163p 770Hp @ 2100rpm mated with ZF350 gearbox. 2.6:1 Ratio.

The vessel’s gearbox experienced a failure, which prompted the repower, which has been in planning for a long time.


The decision was made to choose a mechanical engine for the reasons of simplicity and reliability. The choice was the Doosan V180TIL Marine Engine. A V10 arrangement, 18.2 litre, twin turbocharged and intercooled engine offering 820Hp @ 2300rpm light duty rated – 1000 hours per year operation.


The Doosan is an SAE1 Housing with 14” flywheel therefore allowing for most gearboxes to bolt onto the engine easily. A replacement gearbox was required along with the new engine, and to reduce vessel downtime the closest immediately available gearbox was the ZF350A. The result was the engine being angled down slightly. This created a much snugger fit with the engine following the lines  of the engine beds much closer. This made for a much more intricate installation with the engine mounts being designed with great precision to ensure prop alignment was perfect.

The advantage of the installation with angled gearbox is the vessel’s centre of gravity being lower, helping to ensure the vessel has minimal roll.

THT proudly supplied this engine and the hard work of the fabrication and installation were conducted by the following companies:
– Southern Machining and Maintenance
– Busselton Shipwright Services
– Busselton Machining and Diesel
– Geographe Marine Engineering.

With the help of these great companies the engine was installed with precision and as a result was a very successful installation.

There are always changes required at any repower from one brand to another. The Doosan, being a mechanical engine requires only few changes to the ancillary componentry around the engine which allows for a cheaper and easier installation overall. During installation, the opportunity was taken for installation of new fibreglass pong boxes and exhaust system. The Doosan, with twin exhausts allows for easy expulsion of exhaust gas and water. Use of the pong box allows for the exhaust noise to be reduced. Being a charter vessel, it was important to ensure engine noise is reduced as much as possible.

There were other minor changes in regards to location of sea water inlet into the engine, new fuel lines were installed whilst still utilising the existing Racor primary fuel filter. New exhaust risers were installed and lagged, as well as fabrication of a new front engine PTO arrangement which encapsulated the hydraulic winch via PTO, power steering and deck wash via belt drive. The new Doosan analogue control panel and extension harness were also run.


Upon successful installation, commissioning was undertaken to ensure the new engine was performing within manufacturers specifications and to ensure the vessel was operating and running well with the new engine. The results were fantastic. The vessel has gained top end speed, now running at 21 knots maximum at 2300rpm. However it is the cruise speed and rpm which is most important for this vessel. The results are the vessel is now operating idle of 6kn and cruising at 15kn @ 1600 rpm, which is perfect for whale watching with passengers and doing so with a lower fuel burn.

Vessel - Dhuforce Conquest 57
Engine Doosan V180TIL - 820Hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox ZF 350A 2.636:1
Vessel Weight 23.5 Tonne (Heavyship)
Cruise Speed 15kn @ 1600rpm
Top Speed 21kn @ 2300rpm