A new heart for Gypsy Blood!

The new heart for this Marko 58 is a Doosan 4V222TIL producing an eye watering 1200Hp @ 2300rpm to replace the previously installed MTU 12V183TE72 producing 820hp @ 2100rpm. Performance has increased approximately 6 knots cruise from 14kn to 20kn and top speed is approximately 25 knots which is an incredible feat considering the vessel weighs in at 25 Tonne without pots onboard. Gearbox mated to the Doosan is the ZF 1900 in a 2.030:1 ratio and a new 4 blade prop. We also supplied a set of new Flexball electronic controls with 3x stations to allow control of engine and gearbox, even though the engine and gearbox are mechanical, the flexball controls can adapt to any make and model of engine and gearbox. The owner is extremely impressed with the vessels performance, ease of installation and the quietness of the engine.

New Engine Doosan 4V222TIL - 1200Hp @ 2300rpm - Light Duty Rated
Old Engine MTU 12V 183 TE72 - 820Hp @ 2100rpm
New Gearbox ZF 1900
Gearbox Ratio 2.030:1
Vessel Make Marko 58
Weight 26 Tonne (approx)
Old Cruise Speed 14kn @ 1900rpm
New Cruise Speed 20kn @ 1900rpm