Lady Rachell is one of the standout vessels of the Western Australian Crayfishing Fleet. Always immaculate and impeccably maintained, the Morey family chose the Doosan 4V222TIM Marine Engine to repower this vessel. The Doosan has been serving faithfully for years already and has been proving to be an extremely reliable and fuel efficient V12 engine. Over a day’s fishing, including cruising to the fishing zone, low rpm work raising and dropping pots, and cruising home loaded, the V12 has been averageing approximately 35-40 litres per hour, averaged out over the full day.

See a few videos of Lady Rachell in action here:

Engine Doosan V222TIM - Medium Duty
Horsepower 880Hp @ 2100rpm
Gearbox Twin Disc MG5135A 2:1 Ratio
Vessel Make Mark Millman Aluminium
Vessel Length 18 metre
Vessel Weight 18 Tonne
Cruise Speed 16Kn @ 1600rpm
Top Speed 22kn @ 2100rpm