A beautifully converted ex-cray vessel, this Marko 60 features all the creature comforts for extended cruising, all built into one of the best sea going hulls built. This Marko 60 was powered with a MTU 12V183 set at 1000Hp @ 2300rpm. Unfortunately the engine was getting tired, and the owner wanted to re-power to a new engine, but avoid the hefty cost of re-engineering when installing a different engine. Enter the Doosan V222TIL. Set at 1000Hp @ 2300rpm, just like the MTU, and with an extremely similar footprint, the Doosan effectively “dropped” straight back into the hull without issue. The remote oil filter block allows for the Doosan filters to be replaced easily. The mounting blocks and hosing, originally on the MTU bolted directly onto the Doosan without any need for modification. Because the Doosan and the MTU share the common SAE 1 bellhousing and 14” flywheel, the existing ZF 550 gearbox was able to be bolted straight onto the rear of the Doosan. THT conducted the fitment of the ZF 550 gearbox to the Doosan V222TIL including painting, integration of the oil cooler and run up testing included in the supply price of the new Doosan. THT delivered the complete engine and gearbox package to the vessel free of charge. With THT, we provide you with a solution and support, not just simply sell an engine.

The results of the re-power has given the owner alot more confidence in using his vessel for extended cruising knowing he has a reliable engine. With the Marko 60 being a heavy vessel originally, plus the addition of a lot of additional components on the vessel, the total weight comes in at approximately 33 tonnes. By reusing the same gearbox, and tweaking the propeller slightly, the vessel achieved a very comfortable 14-15 knots cruise @ 1800rpm and a top speed of 20 knots @ 2300rpm.

The client also received the new Doosan digital control panel, and also chose a new set of Flexball electronic throttles. The Flexball electronic throttles are able to operate the mechanical Doosan engine with a short morse cable to the bosch mechanical fuel pump, whilst the gearbox has electronic solenoids with a trolling valve, which the Flexball electronic throttle system can connect to directly.

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Vessel Marko 60
Vessel Weight 33 Tonnes
Old Engine MTU 12V183 TE92 - 985Hp @ 2300rpm
New Engine Doosan V222TI - 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox ZF 550 - 2.5:1 Ratio
Vessel Cruise Speed 14-15 knots @ 1800rpm
Vessel Top Speed 20 knots @ 2300rpm