Vessel - Sea Zone Conquest 55
Old Engine MAN D2842LE - 1000Hp
New Engine Doosan V222TIL - 1000Hp
Gearbox MGN80-1 2.5:1 Ratio

Following the rather catastrophic failure of a MAN D2842LE which was operating in this beautiful Conquest 55, the decision was made to install a Doosan V222TIL Marine Engine because it is, without doubt, the easiest fit when re-powering and provides equal performance at an extremely cost efficient purchase price.  Doosan engines are extremely great value for money, whilst also boasting the excellent reliability and build quality which we have come to expect from South Korean built products.

This Doosan V222TIL is a V12, 2 valves per cylinder, producing 1000Hp @2300rpm.  It is the first of the new Digital control panel engines to be released in Australia.  The Digital control panel offers the best of both worlds.  It accurately monitors the engine parameters and provides accurate and timely information on the running of the engine as well as having external inputs for CCTV cameras for engine room monitoring if required.  The V222TIL engine though, still remains as a mechanical fuel injected engine, utilising a Bosch inline mechanical fuel pump which means that simplicity and reliability are key to this engine.

The Doosan V222TIL is an excellent choice of engine for any vessel which operates in remote regions as it ensures that there are no requirements for technical digital equipment to view or diagnose this engine if it has a fault.  The Digital control panel will advise of any issues, however, any maintenance and repairs are still purely done as  mechanical fixes.

The Doosan uses the best top quality genuine parts, Bosch fuel pump and injectors and holset turbochargers.  This engine was coupled to a MGN80-1 Gearbox, which was previously connected to the MAN D2842 engine.  This gearbox is a 2.15:1 ratio, which also means that there were no changes required to the propeller shaft, or the propeller.